Bespoke, Single Base Walking Holidays in West Cornwall

Your Walk, Your Way

The Logistics of Walking West Cornwall

West Cornwall is one of the most popular stretches of the south west coast path to walk. But in our experience it is also one of the most logistically difficult - it is so remote. B&Bs abound in Cornwall, but not always in the right place - the place where you want to stop walking for the day! 

That is why we offer a single base holiday (and a lovely one at that) and transport to and and from the path for your walk.  

A Single Base Holiday

We want you to spend your precious holiday time on the path or relaxing, not packing and unpacking every day. Our walking holidays include a 6 night stay at Lamorna House starting on Saturday and finishing the following Friday. We'll send you off with a good healthy breakfast each morning, and If you have had a wet day we can get your boots, coats and clothes dry before the next day. 


When you arrive we will sit down, have a drink and discuss where you want to walk, how far each day and where you'd like to eat and drink. It is your walk, so we don't offer standard itineraries. By Sunday morning you will have your itinerary for the week. But if you want to change it at any point during your stay with us, that's absolutely fine.

Getting to your walk and back

Our walking holidays include transport to and from the path, usually in  our VW T5 campervan, Horace. 


Small Groups

We can accommodate and transport a group of up to four people, or two groups of two. Walking can be solitary, but there is a real pleasure in sharing the experience over a drink at the end of the day. If you don't know each other at the start of your holiday, you probably will by the end!  

Want More?

For groups of four we can extend your walk to include the Lizard Peninsular and Falmouth: either as part of your six night holiday; or as a special 13 night break walking the south west coast path from Perranporth to Falmouth.

What to Expect

 We honestly think the path speaks for itself, and we want you to discover it for yourself. So we're not going to tell you all about it here. What you do need to know is that this is not a stroll in the park. Some stretches are nice and steady, some involve clambouring over boulders, and some are through cliff-edge hugging sub tropics. 

There are parts of this walk which will require you to be able to raise your knee well above hip height (the boulders - see previous section). So you will need a certain level of fitness. But don't forget, this is a bespoke holiday. If one of you is fitter than the other, we can work around that. Its your walk. 

Walking this stretch of the coast path you WILL need walking boots, or good walking shoes. This is not a walk for trainers. You should also have waterproofs, a comfortable day sack or rucksack, layers and (seasonally) gloves and a hat. A pair of binoculars will definitely enhance your walking experience, and you won't regret carrying a swimming costume with you!

Not just a Walking Holiday

Unpack, Unplug, Reboot

There is no doubt that a good long walk breathing the fresh sea air does wonders for your health, fitness and stress levels. If you want to have five long days walking you will certainly reap the rewards! But with our holidays you can also squeeze in  plenty of R&R. Spend some time on the beach, in a great pub or cafe with a sea view, or just sitting in our peaceful garden reading.

All Walk and No Play...

For us, the reward is almost as important as the walk! We do like a good meal at the end. So we are diligently researching the best places to go, and can usually plan your walk to finish at a great pub or restaurant. Let us know what you like to eat and drink and we'll do our best to recommend the right place. And we're picking you up, so if you want to while away an afternoon with a couple of pints and a sea view, perfect.

Kick Back or Stride Out

We are lucky - we usually want to do the same things, but we appreciate that not everybody does want to, or can. So if only one of you is a walker, you can both come on holiday and we will work out a Plan B for the other. Plan B also works for horrid blisters, torrential rain, sprained ankles or, as in our case, too many oysters....